Albert Sydney (Syd) Enever

Syd Enever was born in 1906 near Winchester, in Hampshire. At the age of 15 (in 1921), with the assistance of his headmaster, he got a job as an errand boy for the showroom of Morris Garages in Oxford. About a year later he was promoted and moved to one of the firm's garages nearby.

In 1927 he was assigned to the experimental department at Abingdon. In 1938 he was appointed chief planning engineer where he remained until 1954 when he was promoted to Chief Engineer. He held that position until he retired in 1971.

Anyone who loves their MGB owes much to Syd Enever who was responsible for engineering both the MGA and the MGB.

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John Thornley

John Thornley was the General Manager of MG from 1952 until 1969.  He started his working life with an accounting firm where he was a trainee whilst studying for his Bachelor of Commerce degree. During this period he helped establish, and became the initial secretary of, the MG Car Club which received the blessing of the Company.

It was John Thornley's association with the Car Club that brought him to the notice of Cecil Kimber (the founder of the MG marque) before becoming a service manager for MG in 1933.

He became the general manager in 1948 and a director in 1956.

John Thornley was one of the "creators" of the MGB.

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