Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance is essential for prolonging the life of your B and for ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive.

It is also important to remember that, depending on the year of your B, it is somewhere between 20 and 38 years old. Any car of that vintage needs more care and maintenance than one of its modern counterparts.

The maintenance schedule below is merely a guide.  For example, modern lubrication technology means that it is possible to change the engine oil less frequently that was the case when the B was in production. However, it is still the case that the more often you change the oil, the longer your engine is likely to last.

Every 3,000 miles/5,000 kms or 3 months (whichever occurs first)


  • Oil (the filter can be changed at the same time although under normal driving conditions it shouldn't be necessary to change the filter until 6,000 miles/10,000 kms or 6 months, whichever occurs first)


  • all belts and hoses
  • the brake fluid and all pipes
  • the clutch master cylinder fluid and the hydraulic pipes
  • for leaks in the steering rack, shock absorbers and all pipes

On early models, lubricate:

  • the dynamo rear bearing
  • water pump

Every 6,000 miles/10,000 kms or 6 months (whichever occurs first)

Change the oil and filter


  • valve clearances
  • spark plugs
  • distributor and contacts
  • ignition timing
  • transmission oil
  • rear axle oil
  • front end alignment
  • brake discs and pads
  • handbrake and cables
  • carburettors


  • accelerator control linkage and pedal pivot
  • distributor
  • propeller shaft
  • handbrake and cables

Every 12,000 miles/15,000 kms or 12 months (whichever occurs first)

Check brake shoes and drums


  • air filters
  • fuel filter
  • spark plugs
  • contact breaker points


  • crankcase breather
  • Brake servo filter

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