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Motorkhanas are events designed to test the acceleration, braking and general manoeuvrability of your MG and the skill and judgment of its driver.

A series of flags are placed on a grass, dirt or sealed surface.  The object of the competition is for each driver to complete the tests in the shortest time without incurring penalties.

Although there are many ways to incur penalties, some of the most common ways are:

  • displacing a marker
  • traveling in the wrong direction                                            
  • failing to stop within the "finish garage" boundaries

The competition consists of a number of patterns.  Placings are determined on total elapsed time including penalties.  No special equipment is needed.

For hints on maximising your performance in a motorkhana you can refer to an article written by Graeme Adams,  a Club member (and former President of the Club) who has enjoyed some success in the event: Motorkhanas - The Basics.

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Observed Section Trial (O.S.T.)

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These events were introduced to Australia from the UK in the early 1950's and are designed to test the capabilities of the car and driver.

The event consists of cars traversing marked sections of muddy or slippery surfaces and steep or otherwise difficult terrain.  The object is to complete the course without stopping and without departing from the marked course or hitting any of the markers.

Points are awarded for the number of markers reached, and the test is to maintain traction under difficult conditions.  Speed is not a factor.

A competition event consists of a number of courses.  No special equipment is required.

For more information, please refer to an article by Frank Seymour (the Captain of the B Register): How to Compete in an O.S.T.

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Economy Run

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The economy run is a test of:

  • fuel consumption
  • driver skill and cunning
  • car tune
  • minimum rolling resistance

The set route begins and ends at a service station and is confined to public roads.  It is a great social event and includes a barbecue lunch.

No special equipment is required.  One economy run is usually held each year.

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This is an annual event that attracts members from near and far.

The aim is to identify the best presented car in each class and, ultimately, an outright winner.  Condition, authenticity and presentation receive major emphasis.

All members are encouraged to participate and enjoy the event even if they do not own a perfect specimen.

No special equipment is required.

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This is a single car speed event on a sealed surface, usually comprising a variety of gradients and corners.

This may be run as a sprint or a regularity.

Special equipment is required.

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Usually conducted as a 2 car event, with cars starting together in separate lanes.

Generally, the fastest timed run, rather than the aggregate times, is used to determine the placings.

Special equipment is required.

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A regularity is conducted on a sealed track which may be a circuit or a hillclimb.

Cars run individually.  

After a practice run, a time is nominated and drivers try to drive subsequent runs as near to possible to the nominated time.  Alternatively, the time of the first run becomes the "base" time that the driver must aim for on the subsequent runs.

Speed is not the object.  Rather, the driver with the least variation in time is the winner.

Special equipment is required.

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Mini Monte

The Mini Monte is a miniature version of the Monte Carlo.

You must complete a number of sections by following directions very closely. You must follow the predetermined route to the destination because you will be required to record certain numbers that appear on signs that may or may not be placed where they are easily seen from the road.

At the end of each section you may be required to complete a test of some sort (eg a test of driving skill).

To be more precise, this event is the product of whatever our Club Captain decides to subject the competitors to on the day.

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