Planning a Club Championship

By Graeme Adams

It is said that everything needs a plan.  Well if thatís the case - here is a quick overview of how to win Ďyourí class in the club championship or indeed the club championship itself.

By inspecting the points gained by the winners in the last few years, you will have a fair idea of the number of points that will be needed to gain success in any given year.

A quick overview of the events tells us there is a Concourse, 3 speed (power) events, 5 Motorkhanas including a Khanacross and DECA, 2 Regularities, 2 OSTís an Economy run and a Mini Monti. Remember that only your best 12 results count.

There is no advantage here for the red-hot racecar that would expect to clean up in the speed events and do well in the Regularities, only to be found out in the Motorkhanas, OSTís and Economy run!!

It has been proved again in í99 that a Club MGB can win; however a good Midget may be a better bet. How competitive then is an MGF? We understand that an F can pick up points in the speed events but then so can quick Bís and modified midgets.

Another question that you have to answer is what tyres? With the one tyre rule it means that you have to stay with the same tyre type. Any change in size or Ďgripí will result in your points being counted as if you were in another car.

Now its time to do your points budget.

  • Where are your points going to come from?

  • What areas do you have to improve?

  • How are you going to maximise your regularity points?

As an aside, many of the past winners have spent a good deal of time and effort in "learning the craft" over a number of  years.

Good planning and good luck.

Graeme Adams

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